Cheapest Way to Fix iPhone or Android Phone in UK

The whole world is affected due to the Coronavirus. In these situations, getting your broken phone repaired will no more an easy affair. You may not the right mobile phone repair service provider or you may end up losing some handsome bucks behind getting it repaired. As it might be difficult for you to find a trusted store as most of them are closed or those who open takes a lot of money to repair the broken. In that, online phone repair service comes to your rescue, though even online phone repairing is not easy either. You need to explore, analyze, and then decide where to get your phone repaired.

Millennial is one of those age groups who tops the chart in using a smartphone. Most of the Flagships, mid and small ranged mobile phones are supposed to be found with those teenagers. As we know, the flagships are getting more powerful and costlier day by day. You might suffer a hefty amount if the phone slips, breaks down its screen, or faces display or charging issues. Before you move forward to the smartphone manufacturers, I would like to add and recommend you choose a trusted third-party alternative that can save you some bucks.

How to find a trusted online store?

As a competitive market for smartphones, there are numerous merchants available in the country who will repair your smartphone in just a couple of times. However, the primary concern is that are they trustable? What if they replaced your phone’s original parts with duplicates one? Before choosing an online repair partner company for your smartphone, make sure to check their reviews, look at their Google ratings, ask your friends or relatives about their experience, and how much experience the company has in repairing the smartphones. These all are the underlying factors that will help you to know the expertise and skills of the company. It is recommended to choose a partner who follows all the precautions by wearing masks and using sanitizers to avoid being in contact.

Get your Smartphone Repaired

Certain brands will repair your phone free of cost in case the phone is still under warranty. You have to contact the service centers, and they might arrange a doorstep repair facility. Either their employee will come to your address and collect the phone and its documents.

If the warranty on your phone is expired, you can contact us.

Contacting your Apple store or brand service partner can sometimes be costly if your phone warranty is expired. In these situations, it is better to opt for an online store repair provider who can manage everything. Mobile Online Store is an online repair store where you can repair all types of mobile devices. The process of repairing their smartphone is simple:

  1. Select the device issue using the platform and place an order online.
  2. You can send them your device or let them arrange a pick-up.
  3. Your fixed device is sent back to you at your doorstep free of cost.

Cost of fixing your mobile device online

If you have a flagship mobile device, then the price may get higher. The reason is that those smartphones are built using top hardware and high-grade materials, which may result in higher costs while replacing the parts. The cost of repairing a mobile phone is entirely based on the type of damage to your mobile phone. For example, if your device has a

  • Battery draining or any other battery problems, the cost starts from £34.99
  • Cracked screen, the replacement cost starts from £39.99
  • Restore your water damaged phone from £29.99

However, there are several other issues like touch, Overheating, Malfunctioning, and much more. The prices vary for different mobile phones, and you can visit our website for further information about other repairs and their cost.


The days are gone when you have to step out of your home to get your phone repaired, standing in a queue, and waiting for an ample amount of days to get it fixed. Mobile online repair stores have made it more convenient for the users and customers to raise their problems, and everything else will be taken care of by the repair company. However, it is necessary to opt for a company that will take care of your mobile device as much as you do.

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